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My name is Michael Nicol and I have been living full time in Cabo San Lucas since 1996. Originally my wife and I planned to stay for only one year, but we quickly discovered Los Cabos was a very special place. We also felt it would be a great place to start our family, and after 10 years of marriage, we were blessed with a little girl.

I became involved with Los Cabos Real Estate in 1997.  There have been many changes in our market over the years, but no time has been more exciting to become involved then the present. We have seen an incredible boom in our area thanks to many changes in the Mexican laws regarding foreign investment. Plus you can feel secure in knowing that your investment is safe with companies such as Stewart and Fidelity backing you up. 
There are many reasons why people fall in love with Cabo San Lucas. Some of our main attractions are:
1.   Proximity – Los Cabos is only a 2 to 4 hour flight from most major U.S. airports.
2.    Weather – We have approximately 340 days a year of sunshine (this means you have a more than 90% chance of a sunny day), and our median temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, year round.
3.   Fishing – Los Cabos is the Marlin capital of the world. We host several fishing and billfish tournaments including the Bizbee which claims to have the largest cash prize in the world.
4.    Golf – Los Cabos has become a world class destination. We have 9 championship golf courses, one of which was ranked number 71 in the world!
5.    Family vacation destination – because of our safe and clean swimming beaches, and the many water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, wave runners, and parasailing, Los Cabos has become a very popular vacation destination for families.
6.    Safety – In today’s uncertain world, safety has become a very real concern for travelers. Cabo has always offered a safe and friendly environment. The people are very friendly and welcome their visitors, and to make them feel more at home, and most locals speak at least some English.
Even though our area has been experiencing a boom for many years, there are still many investment opportunities available. There is something for everyone, from the big or small investor, to the person dreaming of retiring and purchasing their dream home. I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
Michael Nicol – Broker, Cabo4Sale Real Estate
Mexico office: 624-172-0069
Local cell number: +52-624-136-6005
From U.S. 1-916-760-7440

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